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Meet the team

Oceanus Team

Meet the Team

Camille Rivera
Co-Founder and Program Manager

Camille Rivera is a marine conservationist who has a passion in a balanced world of society and nature for a sustainable future. She led various community-based mangrove conservation projects and facilitated with communities to empower sustainable development of alternative livelihood and restore mangroves for the future generation.

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She has been passionately involved in ocean conservation for 8 years focusing on educating communities and various stakeholders to guide them to enable future policies for the protection of marine resources. She educated 700+ local youths and communities and led yearly marine camps in the region about marine ecosystems and the pressing issues they face. Camille received her MSc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Ghent University (coordinating University) together with Universität Bremen and Universidad de Oviedo and also received a training scholarship from the Center of Excellence in Observational Oceanography at the Alfred Wegner Institute in Helgoland, Germany.

Arvi Ubaldo
Stakeholder Development Director

Arvi Ubaldo is a co-founder of Smart Earth Inc., a group that focuses on environmental and agricultural monitoring technologies.

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A graduate of Sociology at the University of the Philippines, he makes sure that most, if not all, of his projects have social significance. He is currently taking up his Masters of Science in Innovation and Business at the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

Andrew Margetts
Technical Advisor

Andrew is a Developer and IT Security specialist with an interest in building the most effective and secure IT solutions possible.

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His key goals working with business are to create innovative and strategically thought out solutions that bring a positive ROI within a short period of time. He has been helping and leading businesses in crafting their scalable and secure solutions from the moment he entered the workforce after completing his degree at the University of Johanessburg. He helps businesses scale and build their existing solutions and ideas while also addressing the elephant in the room of ensuring that their data is kept confidential and secure. He has a passion for solving problems through out of the box thinking and implementation. Currently running and growing the software development company Northroom Technologies.

Earwin Belen
GIS consultant

Earwin Belen is a licensed agriculturist and one of the advisors for Oceanus. He is currently taking Masters on Innovation and Business program in the Asian Institute of Management.

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He has more than 7 years of experience in agriculture, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. He is also skilled in drone operations, data capturing and analytics. His current interests include IoT for agriculture, urban agriculture, sustainability and community development.

Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit, PhD.
Scientific Consultant

Dr. Hilly is a Marine Biologist and an Integrated Coastal Management Specialist. She is both an Executive Director of the Cagayan de Oro River Basin Management

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Council and the Macajalar Bay Development Alliance in Northern Mindanao. She obtained her Doctorate degree in University of Bremen, Germany earning a magna cum laude because of her scientific discovery of a new species of giant clam in the Red Sea. She continues to serve as the Chairman of the Coastal Development Technical Working Group in the local government of Cagayan de Oro City. She has been awarded as “The Outstanding Filipino in Environmental Conservation (2018)” and “Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (2007)”. She published in high impact international and local peer reviewed literature and attended as a speaker in numerous international and local conferences in ecosystem services and management.

Angela T. Quiros
Blue Carbon Specialist